I am not defined by my age, my race, nor my ancestry. Though, I think it would still be cool to to tell you that I am a twentysomething Filipino who grew up and resides in the busy city of Metro Manila; born to an Ilonggo father and a Davaoeno mother. I have one sibling: my favorite brother, two dogs, and a stray cat who have four kittens squatting in our backyard.

I am also not defined by any status whatsoever. I am single and at a place in my life where I can say that I am happily and blessedly so.

I refuse to be defined by my vocation. In case you’re wondering, I have worked five jobs since graduation, the current one being a business development and marketing professional for a global law firm – a job I am grateful to God for. Yet, this I consider far from my real calling and life purpose.

I am not defined by my physical appearance though I honestly admit that I ocassionally struggle with the concept of “self-brand” as the marketers of today promote. I am definitely overweight — I have been ever since I was a child. I know that this needs to change, but my physical appearance and the aim to be healthy is not for aesthetic reasons. I don’t want them to be. There is a higher purpose for my attempts at weight loss.

I belabor to say that I am defined by someone else other than myself. This person defines me because he created me. He knows me so much better than I know myself. He knit me in my mother’s womb. He knows how many hairs I have on my head – at all times, regardless of hair fall. Heck, even before the world began, he already knew me.

To know this person in an intimate and loving relationship, I’ve discovered, is the main point of my existence. All my life directed, moved, shaped, and defined by him.

“His name is Jesus and he loves me and I know this cause he died for me and he rescued me. There is no greater love in the world.”

Smokie Norful, “No Greater Love”

I have not archived old posts from this blog so if you reach as far back as the beginning, you should see my imperfections and that’s okay. Even my mistakes do not define me.

December of 2016, I write this description more as a personal reminder that I hope to shine the spotlight not on me but on Jesus. The Jesus of the bible. The one who saves people from sin. The one who defeated death. The one, true, living God.

I welcome your comments, discussions, and questions; confident that nothing any man does will ever separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus. That’s grace, my friends.

Welcome and hope you enjoy reading. 🙂