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12.12.14. Eryn got married to Gino and became a Mrs. 

It was a memorable wedding because I got asked to sing during the church ceremony — not that I haven’t been asked to do that before. Well, this wedding ceremony was Catholic. I am not. Nobody banned me afterwards so I think I did okay.

The photo was taken at the reception where we waited for quite a while before we actually sat down. I think I chowed down a whole bowl of cherry chocolates and almonds while waiting. They served it there, you judgmental person, you. They weren’t stashed underneath my dress. They could’ve been but they weren’t!

While waiting, we did what every cool social person of today would do — take photos — of everything! We took photos of each other. I don’t remember why I did this face. I’m pretty sure I was trying to be cute and funny at the same time. Did I achieve it? Don’t answer that question.

Soon, the couple arrived. The entourage were introduced and the hosts decided to play a game to determine who gets to fall in line for the buffet first. A “name-that-tune” game. A string quartet played a few meters of a pretty familiar pop song and the next thing I knew, I was standing up amidst a room of approximately 200 strangers shouting, “Thinking Out Loud.” What began as an embarrassing moment ended up as my trophy moment for that meant I got the song right and our table (the one I shared with my teammates) could head down the front, take a photo with the newlyweds, congratulate them, and finally grab plates and food at the buffet. Yey! Photo for the newsletter? Check. Food in my belleh? Checkity check.

Naturally, everybody else in the room dropped their guards and became competitive. Everyone was hungry.

Our team did an eat-and-run after dinner. Some of them went to our company’s annual ball where they all stood out in colored gowns in a black-and-white themed party. I got out of my gown and went to hangout with my church family. It was a lovely day.