While sharing a meal, my friends and I found ourselves talking about what could’ve been and what could be.  It’s one of those conversations that would go, “I had a lolo who was a lawyer, and wanted me to be a lawyer; but I was too young at that time and so I didn’t consider it.  I wonder what could’ve happened if I heeded his advice?”

You may have friends who come from a family of doctors, or lawyers, or cops (like that TV series, “Blue Blood.”)  It’s almost genetic what careers people inherit from their parents or grandparents.

Then, the conversation got me thinking:  What is MY family’s heritage?  What is our legacy?  By profession, my father is a businessmen of all sorts and my mother is a Certified Public Accountant.  I took Communications in college.  It may be my brother who followed into their footsteps by taking Business Administration.  But I couldn’t shake the idea that I was a black sheep — going against the flow, disrupting the pattern. On one end, that’s sad; but on the other, it’s great because it shows how much liberty and freewill my parents have given me — so much so that they’ve allowed me to explore what I enjoy doing. It shows their trust.

I was too preoccupied to realize that there’s more to heritage and legacies than careers and professions.  As my friend easily put it, “You inherited worship.”   DING! Ah, yes!  This comforts me.  My father was a worship leader in church and is a teacher — and as I look at my own ministries, I find myself following those footsteps.

Such a timely revelation just as we’ve finished the study of the book of Genesis where we see the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob passing on the baton of faith and the promises from the Father one generation to the next.  Just like them, I too have been blessed with parents who had personal relationships with the Lord.   They have taught me the ways of the Lord and the value of His Word at a young age, and the promises of God were fulfilled (Prov. 22:6).

I am blessed to have been their child.  And I hope that I can pass this on to my future children, too.

Education, wealth, reputation.  These are family gems that are protected and passed on.  But Faith — Real Faith is the important heritage — one that has real value.  This is the legacy that we leave behind should we die before the end of days.

What about you?  What is your heritage?  What is your legacy?