I’m not.  I think most fifth-graders have more vibrant love lives than I do.  I say that not as a good thing for those lost and disillusioned fifth graders; but as a sorry comment towards inexperienced ol’ me.

Sadly, I have the “exposure” and the flirting instincts of a 12 year old — maybe even younger! 

I had the urge to do this long post on my pangs about my blessed singleness but it would totally be an oxymoronic move on my end — leading to a conclusion that’s quite the opposite of blessed. 

Let’s just say I had a lot of guy exposure that made me focus on how I handled myself around them.  Turns out, my ideas about who I am were only true in dreams or in the shower.  I was nowhere near attractive or confident as the imaginary me.

I will take this as a motivation to work on myself, not to snag a dude this Valentines Day.  I still believe in “the one” for me; but I will have to look at my insecurities and deal with them individually.  Kiko’s voice resounds, “these are not dead ends.”  That means I can get my butt moving and start working on my “areas of improvement.”

But dang!  I really think I could’ve done better with my male interactions of late.  Oh well.