“There are tons of opportunities out there.”  At least that’s what they say after college, or after you’ve quit your first job.  As you gain more years “on your own,” you realize the truth of this statement.  However, it’s only the first half of the picture.  

A conversation with a friend led to quoting Barbara Corcoran who said, “there’s never a good time to scale.”  Apparently, growing as a businesswoman, for her, didn’t really “come in perfect timing.”  She just did it and once she was there, as my friend Kiko puts it “at gunpoint,”  she strove and made the growth happen.  Simply put, you put yourself at risk and create your own terrorist.  Other people call it “motivation.”

I see the sense of that idea, and I know of people who will agree.  This is good because it leads you to improve on your self, be always creative and at the the tip of your toes… it is a reasonable state of mind, especially for careers.

The apostle Paul even said that “he is his own worst enemy.”  That didn’t stop him from doing what God asked of him.  At some point, the apostle may have been discouraged and insecure, but look!  God has used him and he has written many of the verses that establish faith and security.

It’s the constant war and fighting that bothers me.  It’s fighting that nagging voice inside your head that tells you, “What’s the point of it all when all you do won’t make you the best?  There’s always someone bigger, better and brighter than you.  Why bother?”

This is my dangerous spot right there.  See, if I let it run in my brain and convince my heart that this is truth, I’m on my way to a never-ending spiral downward.  I fear, that if I let it consume me, I will be stuck on limbo and not grow.  Then, and only then, will my life not have purpose.  Then, and only then, will it have been wasted for worse.