It’s 5:43 PM in the office and I’ve only accomplished 2 out of 8 in my to-do’s for the day.  Office ends at 6PM.  Wow me.

It’s either I’m not good with managing my time or simply because I have a very inefficient office laptop.  Thing is, I don’t think I’m in the position to ask for a better one because I’m already in line and there are people in higher positions than I am who, like me, were issued with units that are disgraces to technology.

So I decide to take a breather and log in.  Surprisingly, my laptop works fast when I’m blogging. There has to be an explanation for this.

At the end of the day, this entry is just a random rant.  I’m talking to myself because I have, once again, reached the point where I want to quit my job.  *eeep*

There have been moments last week when I cried because I felt like I wasn’t built for this industry.  Logistics is terribly exhausting and super fast-paced work environment.  Not to mention the fact that I work for a multinational company, which makes it doubly toxic.  And being the fierce confrontational person that I am, I decided to cry.

Looking back, I realized that the root of all the stress are my skill sets.  In the office, I’m the go-to person when it comes to anything design/layout/communications.  Yes, my little Photoshop skills are my assets for this job.  And it works fine… only until other departments begin to ask for my help, adding the cherry on top of my overflowing work load.  Which I have to accomplish using this “very useful” laptop unit.  Yey.

So do I see this as a compliment or as an insult?  Do I consider it a blessing or a curse?  I honestly want to see it as the latter choices — all negative.  But there’s a little voice inside me that tells me to treat my job as a sacred blessing — and that I shouldn’t grumble and complain.  BUT IT’S SO HARD!

I need more outlets.  Blogging is fun but I think it’s not enough.  Prayer is okay but honestly, I need something tangible and visual.  I need a sport or a new hobby.  Or a boyfriend.  Food is not an option.  I want to go back to acting.  Are there any workshops out there this season?

It’s now 5:56PM.  I’m a slow typer and a major ranter.

Now, I stop so I can upload this, shutdown my computer and go home.  Tomorrow is another day. SSDD.