The long weekend is halfway done and I have begun to fail my 30-day challenge by missing two days in a row (Aug. 18-19); but if I’m being totally honest, I’ve missed 3 days in a row, considering the fact that I only posted one verse on my last entry; and that the clock is now at 12:31 AM, Aug. 20.  The sad thing about it is that I’m always online. I just couldn’t discipline myself to such a point that I would click the link on my bookmarks bar that enables me to post a new entry on this blog.

But I will not give up that easily.  Today, I write you three verses on discipline.  Bear with me.


Not a prisoner nor a slave
Not a dog on a leash nor a horse being whipped
Not a boat on a port nor a car being towed
Just a man being disciplined

A different name so it seems
But the pain is the same
For the struggle is not a simple tug of war or unease in subordination
But a confusion deep within, an invisible game

Who do I trust, me or myself?
Both asking me to move, my knee to bend
I want it to happen so quick that I become better
But it’s so out of line that I want it to end