No Facebook, no Twitter nor Gmail
No way to Skype nor read the news
There is connection slower than a snail
Guess it’s time to get up and put on shoes
And run a while… I’ve changed my mind
Because the clock says half past nine
I’m just gonna sleep and unwind
And rest my eyes until the sunshine

Boy, do I think I suck at rhyming
My words are not fit for this type of writing
But I’ve got twenty-four days to go
This challenge I will not forego
So cheer me on, will you please?
Pray I find this pleasing and feel at ease
To think that I do them in less than an hour
There’s no reason for me to feel sour

And now I can’t stop my keyboard tapping
Please, internet, when I wake up, you should be working!

*written yesterday when there was no internet. It wasn’t a good feeling to be unplugged, but somehow I think I needed that.