The last two days were cray-cray because there our company participated in a big retailers’ event in SMX Convention Center.  Hence, my inability to access the internet (wordpress) to be specific.

But I did write down some verses.  So to simply remain consistent in this futile attempt at doing a 30-day challenge, here are the verses for the past two days:

(Aug. 9)


Of all things unexpected, this attitude of yours comes last
What you’re doing now makes me want to runaway — and fast!
An inconsiderate motion of words that draw action
The little nerves in my heart and my blood, a commotion
Yet at the back of my mind, I cannot say ‘No.’
You’re my superior, when you say, “go,” I go.
But please forgive me later for my lack of smile
I’m going out on a limb and on an extra mile.


(Aug 10)

In a nutshell, what’s done is done and it’s all for the best
I’m happy of the turnout and my heart is now at rest
We won an award and we got good reviews
Now it’s off to home and time to kick my shoes
Weekend is here, hooray, hooray!
All I need is some sunshine to wake me up the next day