When certain “acts of God” remove us from the comforts of our daily “controllable” routines. That’s when the sense of helplessness begins.

August 6-8, 2012.  Floods grow in Manila by a no-name downpour and continuous rains brought by Hanging Habagat.

People lost homes and lives.  Some lost faith and hope.

In these times, we are taken aback by how fragile life on earth is.

We are humbled by how little power we have over this earth.

We are confused, desolate, angry and lost all because we don’t recognize the true holder of power, the One who created this world and shapes it according to His will.

So the sense of helplessness subsides when we surrender our all — that’s primarily pride, power, and possessions to Him who owns it all.

Lord, we know you love the Philippines.  Please help us see Your Love work today.  Amen.