My brother just got a new Android phone and he was bragging to me his freshly-downloaded apps — one of them was his app.  Naturally, this led to our discussion of the TED talks we liked the most; and me going to the site and catching up on “ideas worth sharing” from all over the world.

I like the new feature in the homepage of the website where you can choose the length and the category, and it will “surprise you” with a talk that suits your choosing.  I clicked “5 minutes of funny” and it led me to Matt Cutts’ “Try Something New for 30 days.”  Click here to watch it.

So I shared it with Yuriy, my friend from Ukraine. And we decided (after a ton of bickering, I should say) to do the challenge.  One of which is me not talking to him for 30 days. *evil grin*

So today, August 05, 2012, I shall begin my 30-day challenge of the ff.:

1. No chatting with Yuriy — which is difficult because we kinda share a lot of stuff daily; but the timing is perfect.  He’ll be on a trip around his country, which makes it easier for us to do the challenge.

2.  No sugar. I wanna add no carbs to this one.  But sugar is harder to quit so I’ll start with that one… and

3.  To write a verse a day.  At least four lines to make a stanza.  This is me trying to write either a very long song or 30 short ones.  It doesn’t matter. I figured I can just use this as an excuse to get creative and let loose any stress harboring in my innards.

Incidentally, our church is also going on a radical challenge of faith today.  Our pastor has led us in the commission to dedicate our lives to Christ as in Romans 12:1-5.  So today, added to my self-made challenges are the ff.:

1. To read the Bible in its entirety for a year.

2. To pray for the whole world for a year.

3. To give sacrificially. As in a portion of my income, not including my tithes.

4. To be involved in the work of the body of Christ.

5. To be on mission for a week in this whole-year challenge.

We have a website on it, and if you’re a brother or a sister in Christ, you may wanna check it out:

I’ll try to blog daily and post updates on these challenges. Right now as I’ve written them down, they all seem so much and so difficult but the promise of mercy and strength upholds me as in Philippians 4:13.

So I challenge you to do a challenge.  All we need is the next 30 days and a compelling motivation that comes from within.

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” — Bernice Johnson Reagon