(May not be readable for those who hate the dentist)

I went to the dentist today and got my wisdom teeth on the left size of my face extracted.

Needless to say, it was a 75% successful minor operation.  My lower left wisdom tooth was impacted at a 45 degree angle and was fully developed.  My dentist said that normally, wisdom teeth never fully mature; but apparently, I had very strong teeth and all my wisdom teeth have fully matured and rooted themselves well into my gums. So, what happened after almost an hour of drilling, wiggling, and the hammering (oh,yes!)… There was the frequent exchange of “Sige… tok, tok.” My dentist was holding what looked like an ice pick and his assstant was holding a hammer.  And everytime he said, “Sige,” the assistant would hammer down on the ice-pick-like item situated on my tooth and hammer away!  I’m sure it looked funny, but it didn’t feel that way despite 4 shots of anesthesia. To make the long story short, my lower left WT was being chipped away and I still hold 3/4 of it.  See, my bones are strong and the surrounding bones would not let my tooth go!  Now, I have 2 weeks to wait for them to give in, and hopefully by July 14, my dentist could easily pull this baby out.

So, after deciding to wait, he pulled the upper one.  And when he did, I saw legs on my tooth — my tooth had legs! The pointy type with a hook in the bottom – evidence of its clingy-ness.  All this proves is that all that Nutrilite Calcium-Magnesium tablets my family and I have been drinking before, were amazingly effective.  And it’s good to know that despite my obesity, my bones are strong.

Although, at the back of my head, I regret doing this but I keep telling myself that I will not believe that having them pulled out has degraded my God-given wisdom.

Forgive me if I grossed you out back there but I just had to write this down, simply to prove to myself and to the world that I can deal with tooth extractions.  So much so that there is no need for my dentist and my grandmother to ask me why I went to the dentist alone.

It was something close to a minor operation but it wasn’t a big deal.  I didn’t need someone to hold my hand, nor did I need to be driven or fetched.  Tell me I’m not an old hag and will end up lonely forever.

It was really just a tooth extraction, people! There are far worse and painful and tough operations out there.  This isn’t one of them.