I miss late nights and overnights working on an advertising campaign that will get rejected by Client.
I miss Mozu nights with Toby, Gene, Jesy and Tei.
I miss playing Warcraft 3 all day on a Saturday, taking a break only to pee or to eat.
I miss playing Counterstrike with my high school peers. I miss running along Taft Avenue in my school uniform only to arrive to a locked gate of the dormitory.
I miss walking along the Grove on a very early Friday morning.
I miss random sing-offs and rap-offs with my brods and sisses.
I miss hanging out on sidewalks.  And all the card games we played.
I even miss sleeping on sidewalks just because our dormitory has a pathetic curfew.
I miss eating on sidewalks the way we used to when Banchetto was still on Emerald Avenue, Ortigas.
I miss early morning Banchetto breakfasts with Christi and Alpha while doing Single Saturdays.
I miss late night Banchetto dinners when doing the Ride with Jude and Danielle.
And midnight snacks when subbing for jocks who went to Hong Kong.
I miss bringing buko pie to the Ride on Fridays.
I miss recording Radio1 Campus Gimmick Boards.
I miss radio.
I miss the console and the power of the microphone.
I miss talking about music.
I miss making music.
I miss writing songs.
I miss singing the songs I wrote.
I miss hearing original music.
I miss Dickaioo and Zero Shift days.
I miss being adventurous.
And taking videos with Tristan and Paolo G.
I miss taking guitar lessons from Ryan and Ace and Kuya Jo.
I miss Twinkle, Kenx, and Dazzle. And how they, Kz and I would rock out Imago’s “Akap.”
I miss OPM. I miss Fete dela Musique mishaps along Roxas Blvd under the drizzle and almost amidst the flood.
I miss watching concerts.
I miss the dirty streets of Manila. I can’t believe I just said that.
I miss the mossy walls of Paco Park and the noise from all the rehearsals for Sabayang Pagbigkas.
I miss living in a dormitory.
I miss having a pharmacy student for a roommate.
I miss having crushes on high school seniors.
I miss talking on the phone with my high school crush.
I miss playing volleyball with Gerry Taniajura.
I miss cheering for the boys of IV-Faraday when we almost won that Intramurals in 2004.
I miss acting on stage.
I miss watching musicals and plays.
I miss reading scripts and memorizing lines.
I miss learning choreography and getting bruises and sprained ankles.
I miss getting shouted at by frustrated directors and theatre geniuses.
I miss prose writing.
I miss getting grades.
I miss getting allowances. Hehe.
I miss worrying about how to get money for org events.
And college plays.
I miss Icebag Tarugo plays.
I miss the Carabao park and jock applicant reportings.
I miss Bonito’s Tomato surprise.
I miss super hot photoshoots with the Jocks.
I miss quarreling over whether or not we should accept this person or not.
I miss creative program brainstorming.
And all those witty jokes and puns we utter out of the blue.
I miss talking to really really smart and well-rounded people.
I miss Tasha’s halloween parties.
I miss house parties in general.
I miss overnights and pajama parties.
I even miss overnights and 3 days with no sleep.
I miss watching movies on HBO via the dorm’s TV with stolen cable. (*eep*)
I miss my college roommates.
Especially our movie nights.
Puyatan galores.
And racy photoshoots. Haha! I wonder where those photos are, Marish & Andi.
I miss Migy and our piano duet.
I miss my dog, Snowy. But I don’t miss how I really didn’t care and love him as much as he needed to be loved and cared for.
I miss wearing this dress that doesn’t fit me anymore.
I miss packing for a trip.
I miss riding on an airplane. I feel this minutes after landing.
I miss rollercoasters and crazy rides.
I miss quiz nights.
I miss Central nights.
I miss being so high on events’ organizing.
I especially miss media events.
I miss free movies from radio station friends.
Especially the ones that come with free ice cream.
I miss working out of love and passion and not for the money.
I miss learning for learnings sake.
I miss being so quick in math.
I miss learning about Glycolysis and the Geometric Theorems.
I miss looking for X.
I miss wearing slippers to class.
and jeans to work.
I miss boxing.
And hardcore sweating-it-out.
I miss Glee nights.
I miss reporting traffic.
I miss makeup sessions with Carla and Ingrid.
I miss conversations in the beckiest of the becky with Janlee and Tei and Jo Ann.
I miss random discussions on random things.
I miss a lot of things in the past. A lot of them not mentioned above.

But the past is not there to be dwelled upon but to step on as we move forward.
The past, albeit common knowledge, are not located behind us – but in front of us, as stones and foundations for the future.
There is always a season for everything.

Now is my season for missing.