Ah, yes. The new year. It’s that time when people evaluate, re-evaluate, redesign and redefine their life as if it’s the only time to do such a thing.  I mean, if you really think about it, we think about our lives all the time — but our human stubbornness trick us into thinking that the perfect time to do something about a problem in our life is on –and only on–new year’s day.

“This year, I will lessen my carbohydrate intake to lose weight.”

“This year, I will spend more time with my family.”

“This year, I will unplug my gadgets more often.”

Rare are the years when at the advent of December 31, all the goals set in January 1 are met.  Which begs the question, “why set new year goals and resolutions?”  What’s the point when they don’t come into reality almost always?

I will answer my own stupid question.  Because that’s the point of living — to be something!  Although as a Christian, I believe that I can never be something on my own effort, but I know that these goals, when I set them with God, can be something worth looking forward to.

Setting goals  gives us the illusion that we can achieve to be the person we aspire to be.  That such goals are the springboard to a hope for a better future.  That these goals are the first big steps to a lifetime of success.

So here are some of the things I have in my own list for 2012.

1.  Make lists. I think the intro is enough explanation for this.  A friend of mine once posted on her facebook status update, “I make lists when the world around me is chaotic.  Making lists makes me feel like I am still in control — even of this one thing.”

2.  Unplug. Yet blog more often.  I have to brush up on my writing. I realized there are convictions in my heart that need to be practiced vocally.  This blog is a perfect venue for me to begin this goal.

3.  Exercise.  I am at my heaviest weight.  I really, seriously, need to lose weight for health’s sake. Not just for the wrong motives of looking hot and smokin’ smoldering sexy.  That should just be an added bonus to a possibility and hope of a long life ahead of me.  Because time=money=exposure to the world through traveling.

4. Travel.  Because it is in the unknown that we know more about ourselves.

5.  Pray often.  This is the message of God for me this 2012.  I’m going through a lot of changes — and I know that I can’t deal with them on my own. So this is an important GOAL on my list.

That’s it!  Simple and easy (to write). Now that I’ve put these down, I can have something to look back to on January 1, 2013!