Two years ago, my mom and I went on the Atkins diet.  Basically, what it was was a zero-carbohydrate diet.  That means that I couldn’t eat fruit, vegetables that weren’t green and leafy. I had to stay away from rice, potatoes, any anything with starch and sugar!  It was difficult at first but like all diets, you get used to it!  It was all worth it because, boy, was it effective!  Six months into it, I lost 20++ pounds!  It was worth all the extra expenses.  Imagine, I had to pay twice because the usual meals came with rice and the ulam can never make up for my poor stomach’s needs.  Which is why I frequented KFC so often back then. It became my diet joint.  Ironic, but true.  You can get 3 pieces of chicken wings for only 105 bucks!  Like my co-worker, Karla, would say, “Why is being healthy expensive?”  That’s because GOOD FOOD comes with a price. So imagine my joy when I heard that KFC was bringing this baby to the country!

It was the no-carb dieter’s best friend!  I remember having to wait for a few weeks before being able to taste it because it became so in demand that the stores were running out of double down patties!

Why remember all this?  Because after two years of quitting the diet, I gained back all the weight I lost plus some more poundage! So imagine my dismay when walking into a KFC store recently, I found NO DOUBLE DOWNS on the menu!!! QUE HORROR! (Actually, that’s an over-reaction, but it was pretty much how I felt, considering that this gravely discouraged me to get back into the weight loss scheme).  What to do, what to do?  I needed not to fret because lately, I’ve received GOOD news! And this news came as a HOT PACKAGE!  It’s so hot that a fireman had to deliver it.

The fireman was kinda hot, too.  Too bad he wasn’t the package for me. Haha!

What he did have for me was a reunion with a food love, a bridge to my journey to thindom… It’s the DOUBLE DOWN back and BETTER!  It’s now with a zing (if that’s the sound hot stuff make).  It’s none other than….

All downed in less than 10 minutes by me and my good buddy, Toby!  It was better than the original.  Since it’s the zinger, it had some breading that can make up for the buns.  Sure, that’s some carbs, but WHO CARES?  It was sooooooooooooooo yummeh!  This one really lived up to KFC’s tagline, “So Good.” KUDOS!  I can’t wait to see it on the menu board the next time i drop by them col. sanders joints.  I should expect it up there, considering that they launched it today, Oct. 28, 2011.  They say that fire from oxygen is what burns the fat off our body to produce energy.  I hope this “burger” has the same effect on me.  Anyone wanna try this with me?  I wanna see and eat it again.