What an exhausting day today was! I’ll be the first person to admit that the culprit is nobody but me.

Part of my exhaustion can be credited to my stubbornness of not managing my time well on Friday nights, knowing completely well that my body cannot — I repeat, CANNOT! — survive with less than six hours of sleep. See, I have to wake up at 4AM Saturdays to give me time to prepare for BSF’s Leaders’ Meeting.

6:30 AM – Leaders’ Meeting. We usually end at 8:30ish but today was fellowship so we dismissed at 10AM. Lots of tears in that one and let’s leave it at that.

10 AM – Riding with a leader to Market!Market! where I take a cab to IBC for the Climbing101: Basic Mountaineering Course where I picked up a LOT on mountaineering — a sport/hobby I still can’t see myself doing. But today’s workshop is revving up a peculiar excitement. Although seemingly pricey, I’m very awed by the equipment and gear that are all so compact! I even saw for the first time a portable stove — A STOVE that could be packed to something smaller than my handbag!

Climbing for Christ’s (C4C) Philippines’ Chapter Coordinator, Sir Ace along with Doc Cecil (he’s a man, btw) impounded the ff. mountaineering shtuff in my brain today:

1. Leave No Trace – mountain environmental ethics. Apparently, Filipino climbers need this badly. I learned today that 2 mountains are closed to climbers because they’re recuperating from the damages by humans.

2. To start this hobby, you must first invest in good shoes — Nike and Adidas are definitely OUT! Haha! Next investment would be a good backpack. I wonder how many paychecks I’ll have to squeeze to begin this?

3. Notice the term “invest.” Mountain gear are not cheap! And they shouldn’t be of cheap quality. Never compromise on gears when climbing because the mountains can be cruel. (ayayay! #scarybutexciting)

4. There is an incomparable God-experience in the mountains. One I’ll have to personally experience for myself, I gathered.

The workshop was so interesting and I’m excited to see how God will be glorified by the people who’ll be pursuing it.

5PM – Band practice — supposedly. But I had no bassist, no drummer and no lead guitarist. I had two, committed young men: a pianist and a rhythm guitarist. We would’ve practiced but my first day of monthly menstruation got my in the gut and the exhaustion of the entire day caught up with me that what was supposed to be a 15-minute nap became a one-hour snooze. 😦

I was so tired and icky. I didn’t practice with my choir. I took a cab straight home and blog. :))

Writing these down made me notice that I’m not a good insight-builder. Notice how I just enumerate things. Bottom line, my heart is burdened by how the people in church are moving (or not). I wish there was more initiative. But God is Sovereign and in control. I may be zooming in on today, not knowing and seeing what His bigger vision and plan may be. What an exciting ride with the Lord this will be!