I think this challenge really made me re-think my daily spending.  So the more conscious I became of it, the more effort I exerted ninto changing it.  So for Days 2 and 3, it’s a little bit of a cheat for the One-Peso-Lunch Challenge.  I brought food from home. (aka Baon).

Day 2:  Rosemary Porkchop Rice (Free!) with Puso ng Saging (45 PHP)

If I didn’t bring baon, I would’ve spent 50 bucks only on the puso ng saging with rice! Not bad, not bad at all!

Day 3:  Pork Giniling with Rice (Free!)

Now, see here.  I don’t usually do this — bringing baon daily, but I couldn’t help it!  I bought a new food container at SM for only Php 65!  Wotta steal.  It was a no-brainer.  I HAD to bring baon to work today.  It’s yesterday’s dinner which was prepared by my uncle.  It’s pork giniling with huge chunks of carrots, potatoes, green bell peppers and quail eggs!  Although the cheap container did give a little scare when I heated it inside the microwave, creating an untraceable pop when I took it out… but nonetheless, food didn’t change in taste.  I think it’s still safe.  Plus, it had a microwave-safe sign underneath.

So there.  Til tomorrow’s lunch edibles!