Just in case you haven’t noticed… I changed my blog title! I realized that the statement, “I blog when bored,” limits my desire to actually write.  For one thing, I haven’t gotten the chance to be bored lately.  Add to that my torrential work load and peer pressure of having to keep up with all the epic TV series.  So, that leaves me feeling like I’ve abandoned this blog.  Hence, the overhaul.  So just to keep you up to speed, these are the things I’ve been watching doing lately.

Ah, yes. I caved in.  I thought this would be nothing compared to “Spartacus,” but since Andy Whitfield is… don’t make me say it… I thought I’d give this show a shot.  I have to be honest to say that the pilot episode didn’t really make me crave for the next episode but after (!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!) a certain young man falls down a high tower, I was all eyes, ears and mind in!  The interesting characters, not to mention the many plots within the “mother storyline” got me glued to it so much so that I finished all 10 episodes that run 60 minutes each within 3 days.  It’s like the writers merged in “The Lord of the Rings” with “Art of War” or something to that effect. In reality, it’s based on an actual novel series.  Point is, they’ve done so great a job with the TV version that the obscenities and the gore from all those sexual and violent scenes can be done away with. The next season is definitely something to watch out for.

There’s a line in Jane Lynch (Glee’s Sue Sylvester)’s Emmy Opening number, which says something like “TV’s where high schoolers look like mature 20-somethings.”  It’s true and “Awkward.” is the perfect show to prove it.  BUT WHO CARES?  I’m 23 and I still get giddy over each turn and each twist in every 20-minuter episode of this series.  There’s a universality to the characters that don’t necessarily label them under the typical “school stereotypes.”  It’s like the writers went back to high school, placed the high school jock, the cheerleader, the geek, etc., under a microscope to see what was really going on under their skulls and then translated the data into this modern-day TV eye candy.  Plus the fact that Jena, the lead character, blogs is something worth mentioning. 🙂

It’s a new series. Uhm… with Zooey Deschanel on it! Need I say more?  I do.  As of today, I’ve only seen one episode. 😛

On “bigger screens,” (a.k.a. movie titles), these are the latest visual hauls:

Great Cast!  Jennifer Aniston was super hot in this movie.  At least that’s what my brother said after watching it himself.  Personally, I’d wanna divert you to that guy in the lower left of the poster.  Jason Bateman is the Justin Long of his generation – at least in my book.  He’s the “geek” comedian crush I would’ve had had I been 10 years older.  This movie comes with a simple premise that almost all average employees can relate to.  And the turnout works despite the lacking progression in the storyboard.  But it works anyway.

What in the world made Cameron Diaz say yes to this role?  It didn’t work for me.  The movie wasn’t really funny– as in funny-funny.  Sure there were notable scenes like that hotel bedroom one ( I won’t give out any spoilers here), but the shallow plot and the half-baked ending left me hanging.  2 gold stars for this one.

And finally… this tear-jerker!  This movie left me with a conclusion that anything with Ginnifer Goodwin in it is a must-see!  I won’t go on babbling about what I think worked for the film but I will say this: this movie left me splotchy from crying and laughing.  And just seconds after its ending, I found myself staring at my ceiling… thinking.  Word of caution for the dudes: it is a chic flick!  So if you’re watching it with your girlfriend, this movie can open conversations about your relationship that the two of you may not have talked about before.

So there, I hope I can call it quits by telling you the “fun stuff” I’ve been doing lately that have been keeping me preoccupied from blogging. How ’bout you?  Watched anything worthwhile lately?