Gel Acrylic Nails c/o California Nails and Day Spa

I put that on the title because that’s sorta how they feel like.

I have new hands.

Not that I’m not thankful for the free and fabulous pampering experience. I DID want to try this new service; but since I’m not a long-nail type of girl, having these nail extensions makes me feel like an amputee with prosthetic hands.  I have to relearn a lot of finger-related activities: texting, typing on the computer (which is currently costing me a lot of presses on the backspace button)… to the most menial tasks such as scratching my skin, opening my wallet’s zipper and getting coins… the whole experience is nabbing and scratching the tip of my patience.

If I don’t get used to this by tonight, sorry but you have to go… (okay, after my meeting tomorrow…) SOON!