Finally, something to write about. 🙂

Tonight, our team, Bread Krumbs, managed to uplift its dull reputation by ranking second among 10 teams in 121 Allegro’s Quiz Night!  On the 3rd quarter, we even topped the ranks and won a Php-500-worth GC to this new burger place in Serendra.  This is by far the highest we’ve scored in the last three weeks that we’ve been going.  It’s keeping me up at 2:30 AM!

I don’t know what caused it.  Could be our new teammates, my lucky whiteboard marker (which I pocketed because we always end up with sucky markers), or just the choice of categories.  Perhaps the absence of two teams we competed with last week… I dunno.  All I know is that tonight was EPIC!

This started on the last Tuesday of December.  My high school barkada decided to try something new for our annual Christmas get-together.  Quiz Night was Alma’s suggestion.  I was like, “Why not?  We’re all geeky in a way being Masci graduates and all…”  Who knew that one night of “doing okay” was enough to get us going for the first two Tuesdays of 2011!  It became a reason for us to do Overtime on Tuesday nights.  It was reason for us to invite other friends and expand each other’s circles.  It was reason for us to watch TV, be alert on the roads, read the paper, and listen to the radio.  It’s reason enough to value every bit of information — useless or not.

I don’t think the nicotine of this newfound habit is in winning.  I find myself hooked because:

1.  I learn something new each week. Like did you know that the first woman to reach the top of Mt. Everest is Japanese?

2. It’s humbling.  It arouses just the right amount of competitiveness.  Because the stakes aren’t that high and because the crowd doesn’t trash-talk.  So when you get it right, you cheer; if you get it wrong, you cheer for the others and move on.

3. I get to see my bestest friends weekly!

4. I have a reason to invite other friends out on Tuesdays!

5. I have been meeting new people weekly!

6. You’re not “required” to get drunk and dress up.

7. Ergo, it’s less expensive.

8. The quizmakers are interesting.

9. So are the other teams.

10. It’s clean fun.

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions, but I think this one’s topping my could-be list for 2011.