I love rackets!  I love the fact that these rackets allow me to do what I love and then get paid for it — even if the payment comes in GCs.

One of my writing gigs (the best one so far, for the record) rewarded me with gift certificates from VNC. VNC is a Malaysian-based shoe brand that is available in most countries in Asia.  The Philippines is one of those countries.  (For the record, I think my country’s pretty fashion forward.  We’re just majorly 3rd world so not everyone is fashion-forward-capable.)

Yesterday, I used the GCs to buy me some shoes.  My feet were due some new ones, anyway!  My officemate Gene tagged along.  She wasn’t really supposed to get shoes.  But see, women and shoes are like the opposite poles of a magnet.  They just can’t help but attract each other!  And this attraction is stronger than those made by super glue.

So everytime I’d toss aside a pair, she’d try them on.   Here’s one of those pairs:

Gene trying on the shoes from VNC

We ended up going out of the store with three pairs — one for me, two for her!  Haha!

I ended up with this pair:

White peep-toe pumps (Php 2,210)

This came as a close second:

2nd Runner Up

The brown wedge was perfect for the office.  As Gene said, “It’s so you, Meryll!”  But I wanted to be a little bit daring and opted for the white platforms instead.  I don’t have white shoes yet so these would be a great addition to my wardrobe.  Plus, I could imagine pairing it with a lot of looks!  Just take a look at how versatile these looks could get:

White peep-toe platforms go well even in casual (as in Zoe Saldana's outfit to the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards this year)
They could even be worn at black-tie events! (Like JLo's attire at the 2010 Grammy Awards)

So I’d say I made a good purchase!

Hmm... I wonder when my next shoe shopping escapade would be?

Now if only I could master walking in high heels. I wouldn’t want any unfortunate high-heel walking incidents like these: