I often wonder about the timing of things.  About why such an incredibly inspiring opportunity comes to me served on a silver platter on a time when I can’t immediately see its significance to my life in either short or long term.  In my career, at least.  Let me lay down some examples:

When I was working as a copywriter (my first job after college, BTW), radio was resounding at the back of my brain begging me to pursue it.  You see back then, I “graduated” from my Radio1 experience with RX 93.1 but they had no “opening,” so I decided to pursue Advertising, which is the very reason why I studied Communication Arts in college and not Psychology.  But at the time when things were going well for me as a copywriter in a small-yet-very-efficient full-service ad agency, my radio woke me up to the voice of a traffic reporter announcing that they were looking for — guess what — a traffic reporter!  So impulsive-little-me took two weeks to think about it.  Two days later, I tendered my resignation.  Sooner after that,  I became Billie from Trapik.com.

http://filesocial.com/4ai889a Here’s a clip of me doing traffic reporting.

Finally…, right?  Radio became a clear pathway to trod.  I saw traffic reporting as a stepping stone to my dream of being a disc jockey (some dream, huh?).

But it never happened.  Instead, traffic became so predictable and routinary.  So did my job.  And my slightly-fresh-from-college mind and heart were not up to the long-term vision that job gave me, which was, (no offense meant), none.

I left traffic reporting (and whatever path there was for me in radio) and let my feet take me wherever they pleased.  A call from my current company, which is a Marketing Communications (aka Advertising but we’re focused on Activations) agency.  They had an opening in their Creative Services Team for Networks & Linkages.  I said yes since I’ve PA-ed for them before. Why not?

During my final interview, the big boss himself gave me a shot at doing Media Relations — a role focused solely on handling the media for the events we mounted.  Hmmm.. I used to be in radio, that’s a start.  So we gave it a shot.  A few months later, we’re here… today.  I’m still doing Media Relations.  It’s going great. There are glitches along the way – but that’s part of any job, I think; nonetheless, I like it.

But then there are just those e-mails you randomly get giving you interesting job offers to jobs you think you can feasibly do.  Jobs that sound exciting because it’s not what you’re currently doing — from MNCs that have their backgrounds to do all the “promising.”

So I’m on my third job hoping to last at least a year in it lest my resume becomes self-damaging and what do I do?

Do I leave four months before my 1-year mark? (I could. Anyway, I’m young and can still use age as an excuse for my impulsiveness).

Or do I stay?

(I’m tempted to re-enact Inka’s Qwanz.com closing line, “what do you think? Visit qwanz.com/thesituation to share us your thoughts. hahahaha!)

I’ve decided to stay. Because a bigger opportunity knocked at my door.  And this job gave me that opportunity.  What is it? Well, simply put, I met a very influential Filipina based in New York.  I’ll tell you more about her in another post, perhaps.  But knowing what she does, and it’s like a larger, more high-end scale of what I do, inspires me to believe that “hey… there’s a future in this track.”  And this road is bigger than I’ve ever imagined myself to be in.  It’s scary, mind you.  But I’m taking it with a huge gulp of air in the event that I drown myself so deep I might not be able to get out if it, if you know what I mean.

So see, I don’t think anything is coincidence.  People come into our lives, opportunities knock on our doors in perfect timing to fit in to the current state of our lives (whatever it may be).  They might be there to add to the grey areas, or they may be there to shed light to things.  In the end, it’s still up to us to decide what to take.  It’s us and not fate, nor coincidence that determines the way our lives go.  These events are just there to point us to the right direction.