Education.  For most people, education equates money.  The higher the degree you have, the more diplomas you attain, the bigger your chances of getting a high-paying job.  Of course, Robert Kiyosaki would disagree; but in the Philippines, this is still the trend.  Filipino parents still want their children to finish college, get a job, and then earn money – by which they can raise their own family, get them to finish college, get a job and then earn money… It’s  a vicious cycle.

It’s quite unfair given this cycle of circumstance, you can never veer away from the “fact” that education & money is somehow acquired and not earned.  If you were born into a wealthy family, it’s not much of a problem for you to get into a good school, earn the credentials of the academy and use it to jumpstart your career (which may have been planned out for you by your family in the beginning.)  Which is why schools like Enderun College intimidates me to the highest degree!

See, I was there last Monday and Tuesday because we held an event there.  It has, by far, the best-looking campus I’ve seen in Metro Manila.  As said in their brochure, they patterned it to the Ivy-league colleges in the US – which is why all their students are in suits!  Imagine Barney Stinston in college (minus the audacity and egoism).  The girls are all in high heels.  It was like walking into a scene from the Gossip Girl series. Srsly.

A shot outside Enderun Colleges

That’s not the most intimidating part about it.  From what I’ve heard, each student pays A WHOPPING Php 300,ooo.oo per semester just to study there. Look at all those zeroes – for one semester! I could buy a car with that number. If I were to study at Enderun, I’d trade my tuition money and my education for six sedans!  Screw education! Kidding.

And the sad thing is, not all those students will end up in the Industry they all aspire to be in. What a waste of money.

So I am thankful for my own state.  See, I did not come from wealthy clan.  No, my family is not even clannish.  We are simpletons who enjoy simple things.  But I pride myself – scratch that – I am thankful to the Most High for giving me parents who value education; working hard to unburden me with worries about my future.  (Genetics is another issue. :P)

I still can’t wrap my brain around the 300k-per-sem thing. Man!  And to think that iskolars ng bayan such as myself would rally in front of the Open University building with signs of “NO TO TUITION FEE INCREASE!” Man oh man!